The HECS Stealthscreen is much more than a wetsuit.
It’s crucial equipment if you want to succeed at an elite level.
Why aren’t you wearing one?
There’s an unseen barrier between you and your best underwater work. When you move, your body betrays you. It sends out electrical signals to every electroreceptive marine creature in your vicinity. Underwater, human electromagnetic energy can scare away sensitive marine species – even if they can’t see or hear you.
Eliminating this barrier is critical if you want to get closer to marine life.

HECS Stealthscreen Technology makes the diver appear more like an inanimate object to marine life.
The HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuit is the only wetsuit in the worldthat acts likeelectrical camouflage, making you appear less threatening to marine life. The patented HECS Stealthscreen technology embeds a carbon fibre mesh within the fabric of our wetsuit that effectively blocks your body’s natural electrical output. That means you can get closer to marine species more than you ever imagined.

Take Your Dive to the Next Level

HECS SteathScreen technology has been proven effective and is trusted  by the top scientists and divers in the world. HECShelps them get closer and to allows more natural interaction with underwater life