How to choose your Weightbelts + Weights for Spearfishing.

Even if you tend to sink naturally, you will usually be wearing a weight belt when spearfishing or freediving, as most wetsuits are made from extremely buoyant material which makes it hard to descend without any extra weight to balance the suit. Many spearos actually choose to wear a lot of weight to stay down easily in shallow water. Consider learning advanced freediving techniques to avoid this and be able to dive with less weight. This ensures that you can rest comfortably on the surface in between dives instead of having to constantly kick to keep yourself afloat.

What all weight belts have in common, is the quick release. There are 2 styles, the clasp or clip, and the buckle or marseillaise. Both can be opened singlehandedly in case you need to increase your or your buddy’s buoyancy.

Webbed weight belts are most common in scuba diving. They will last a long time, however tend to slide up and down your waist during dives, and the weights on the belt often move around as well.

Rubber weight belts are more practical as the attached weights stay where you placed them and the whole belt will stay in place as well. Most spearos and freedivers would also wear their rubber belt if they ever went scuba diving.

Weight vests are another option. These harnesses are designed to carry your weights mounted onto your back. This allows a more relaxed swimming and diving position while being more streamlined as well.