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Bungee Spectra + Tuna Clips

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The Neptonics Two Metre Bungee w/ Spectra Loops + Tuna Clips attaches to your floatline or can also be used to connect multiple floats.


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The Bungee Spectra + Tuna Clips setup, is a great combination and attaches to your floatline.

This setup can also be used to connect multiple floats giving you flexibility in your blue water setup! 

It is made with a super strong Polyethylene fibre that offers you maximum strength and minimal weight.

That provides you with the perfect amount of shock-absorbing tension to keep the shaft from tearing out of your prized fish!

You get 1400lb of continuous spectra, and your Bungee comes with two Tuna Clips.  

Secure your prized catch easily with the right set-up by adding this to your spearfishing kit!



  • Your spectra loops float on top of the water and are extremely durable
  • Extremely resistant to UV
  • 15x stronger than steel
  • Comes with two Tuna Clips

Available Sizes:

  • 1M
  • 2M
  • 5M


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1M, 2M, 5M


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