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BWP with Floatline Clutch

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With the BWP Float line with fitted Float line Clutch, you’ll speed up the recovery of your fish and are able to adjust your float line better.


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The BWP with Floatline Clutch by Neptonics is an amazing piece of equipment. A floatline clutch makes the process of catching large fish safer and more efficient.

It speeds the recovery of your fish and also allows you to adjust the length of your floatline.
You can run a single or multiple float set up with this system.

You can also use the floatline clutch to adjust the length of your floatline, depending on the depth of water you’re spearfishing in. Let’s say you have a 30m floatline. If you are spearing a 12m reef, you can adjust the placement of the float so it sits at 12m. If a fish is shot, the clutch will prevent the fish from taking your 30m line into 30m of water.

The BWP with Floatline Clutch is available in two colours, Blue and Black PVC.

For other colours and alternate lengths please CONTACT US.


Additional information


20m, 30m


Blue with Red Clutch, Red with Red Clutch, Black with Red Clutch


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