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Cressi 17.5L Inflatable Float

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The Cressi 17.5L Inflatable Float is perfect for divers, spearos and snorkelers. you can deflate the float to store away easily.




Cressi 17.5L Inflatable Float

The Cressi 17.5L Inflatable Float is perfect for divers, spearos and snorkelers. The highly buoyant internal bladder is supported by a super tough outer surface which helps protect against punctures. Being inflatable means, you can deflate it when not using it to store it away safely. The design of the torpedo shape minimises drag as it is pulled through the water and allows it to be pulled along with a drag point on one end to increase glide over the water. With a velcro entrance underneath the float, you can take the bladder out and use this place to cater for a couple of weights to help keep the float in an upright position, so the flag is sitting up easily visible.

A float is an important part of your spearfishing gear and can be used in a couple of ways. The first and most important one is letting boat owners or anyone on the surface know that you are in the water diving. The next use will prevent you from losing your gun and keep it secure. When rigged correctly, the rope will be attached to the bottom of the gun handle and the float. When you shoot that fish and run out of breath, you can let go of your gun, swim to the surface and catch your breath. Then find your float and find your gun. Imagine letting go of your gun by accident, it is then gone, and you will never find it. This is why you NEED a float.


  • 17.5 Litres in Size
  • Internal Bladder
  • Canvas Covered
  • Red in Colour
  • 7 D-Ring Attachment Points
  • Suitable for Spearfishing or Diving



  • 17.5L
  • 75cm in Length
  • 20cm Width


Care Instructions

  • Wash thoroughly after every use
  • Do not use harsh chemicals to clean
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight when not in use
  • Store away in a safe place
  • Make sure when in use, it is near you at all times


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