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Cressi LEONARDO USB Interface

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Cressi LEONARDO USB Interface

The Cressi LEONARDO USB Interface connects your Cressi LEONARDO Dive Computer to your laptop or desktop for data transfers.

With this interface, divers can now fully manage the data and functions of their Leonardo or Giotto dive computer.

It’s easy to connect both wrist and console mounted units, which simply sit on top of the USB-powered docking station.

You can now download the dive records and see all the data of your dive sessions. For instance, depths and decompression status, maximum depth, bottom time, descent/ascent rates, ambient temperatures, surface intervals, and all warning points entered during the dive.

The connection to your PC is done through a USB port.

Basically, it’s plug and play.

Leonardo’s data transfer is super simple. All you have to do is place your computer onto the interface.

Thus, the Leonardo’s version in console works without the need of demounting the computer.

The Cressi USB interface works on both Mac and PC.

It offers drivers for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS.

Free software discharge.


Lastly, get all your Software Updates + Online Manuals over at Cressi’s website directly:

This product is a must for the serious diver.


* Computer not included

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