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Cressi Micro Bore Bulk Rubber

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Approx. 3m length


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Cressi Micro Bore Bulk Rubber

The basic composition is pure latex from Malaysia without any impurities added, except for the external colour.  The outer coating  provides the product with the perfect hardness and makes it highly resistant to UV action, saltwater and ozone.

All Cressi rubbers are vulcanized naturally without process acceleration, for maximum elastic action.

The internal tube is a minimum diameter (1 mm) perfectly centred and is one of its traditional features.

Its pure composition gives the rubber an extraordinary elasticity that is transferred to the shaft, increasing the range and the penetration capacity of the shaft on impact.  With a reduced load difficulty comparing it with other rubbers of lower efficiency. 

This elasticity allows for using shorter dimensions (depending on the preference of the fisher).  Also increasing the rubber pushing travel over the shaft, which can be an advantage compared to rubbers of higher diameter or hardness.

The Cressi rubbers are presented in blister bag in aprox 3m lengths.



  • Reinforced internal tube in black colour with a component of more significant density (shore 45º) to maximize the resistance to the pressure of the ball over the interior walls of the rubber.
  • Main pure latex body without additives (shore 38º).
  • Tinted external cover to identify the model and to protect the latex body against UV, saltwater and ozone.


Colour + Dimensions:

  • Purple – 16 mm with an internal tube of 1 mm.
  • Scarlet – 15 mm

Additional information

Thickness & Colour

Scarlet 15mm, Purple 16mm


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