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Cressi Ocean Gamma Set

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Cressi Ocean Gamma Set is two-piece set is made for all water adventures, this set is looks great paired with any wetsuit!


Out of stock

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Cressi Ocean Gamma Set is two-piece set that includes the ocean dive mask, gamma snorkel, and a carry bag and is made for all water adventures, this set is a streamlined, clear design which looks great paired with any wetsuit! Both set features have quick and easy adjustment and attachment features.

The Ocean Dive Mask has a new profile that is designed for a comfortable and accurate fit with a wide sealed ring and soft silicone skirt. The masks lens are placed as close to the eye as possible for ultimate vision and depth perception underneath the water.

This lightweight mask has an extremely low internal volume which means the mask will fit well, be easy to clear, and require less oxygen when equalizing.

Two pressure buckles are equipped behind the mask for quick and easy strap adjustment

Ocean Dive Mask Features:

  • Pressure buckles
  • Compact tempered lass
  • Wide field of view
  • Double feathered edge
  • Easily adjustable
  • Low internal volume


The Gamma Snorkel is crafted anatomically to fit your face for maximum comfort. The tube is made from transparent polyurethane that gives great flexibility around the face.  The purely silicone mouthpiece has been designed with different thicknesses to create less tension in the jaw.

To keep water out while maximising breathing, this snorkel is equipped with a deflector on top. An internal elliptical valve and drainage well allows water to be drawn to the bottom of the tube and removed quick and easy.

Gamma Snorkel Features:

  • Elliptical purge valve
  • Profile splash guard
  • Silicone mouthpiece
  • Drainage well
  • Easily adjustable


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