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Cressi Scorfano Bluewater Wetsuit 5/XL

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Only 1 available in a 5/XL


1 in stock

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You will really feel at home in the ocean when you’re wearing the Cressi Scorfano Bluewater Wetsuit as it’s designed to replicate the sea floor.  This feature not only looks good but it’s also an advantage when you are hunting.  This effect has been achieved by using high resolution photographs.  Selected by the Cressi competition team, these pictures were then lightly distorted to look like the sea floor. As a result, the Scorfano is a combination of camouflage and aesthetic elegance.

Systems for wear:

Ultraspan© lining is used on 100% of the external surface of this suit.  As a result your Scorfano Bluewater suit has effective wear resistance and also provides you with high elasticity in any direction you need to stretch. The neoprene used in this suit is of medium density although when you are diving you will feel great ease of movement due to the Ultrapsan lining.  As there is no reduction in neoprene density to achieve this, you will find no warmth is sacrificed for the great elasticity. You will experience the best of movement and warmth in your Scorfano Bluewater suit.

Great Comfort:

In the lower part of the jacket, the smooth-interior neoprene “Aqua stop system” is used. With minimal water getting in, you won’t have that unwelcome sensation of cold entering your suit.  Also featured in these suits is a special seam and protection system called the “Liquid Ultraseal System”.  If you’ve ever had a scratchy seam annoying you, you will really appreciate this system. That is because it includes a layer of polymer which is spread along the seams protecting and sealing both them and you.  As a consequence of this, you will feel an increase in the suit’s insulating power keeping you snug. You’ll be ready to hunt from the second you hit the water.

Cressi pride themselves in their excellent wet suit cuts and your Scorfano suit is no exception.  Whilst you are swimming you will really appreciate the comfortable form fitted feel and ease of movement.

This is the last Cressi Scorfano Bluewater Wetsuit in stock in our store, it won’t last long.

Available Thickness:



To care for your wetsuit

We recommend using a quality wetsuit shampoo like Revivex

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