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Diversworld 1000lb 1m Bungee

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Also available in 2m, 5m and 10m.




Diversworld 1000lb 1m Bungee

For all your Bluewater spearfishing needs these Diversworld 1000lb 1m Bungee is a must have.

A bungee is rigged between your flatline and float and used to put less strain on the fish to ensure your shaft or slip tip doesn’t pull out.

They have a max stretch of 100% so will stretch to double its original length.  The bungee has a spliced 1000lb core making this bungee virtually unbreakable.  Comes with loops for attaching clips or shackles when rigging your bungee.


Why use a bungee?

Often when you’re hunting pelagics, the difference between landing that big fish or going home empty handed can be having the right rigging system with you. With the addition of a float line bungee to your rigging you will greatly enhance your chances of landing that once in a lifetime fish.  This line bungee is designed to integrate into your existing rigging system by attaching to your float line and float system. It creates a strong yet gentle braking action against hard fighting fish.  Consequently this significantly minimises the chances of having your spear dislodge from your fish should they sound or run.

The bungee is constructed from a durable latex rubber that is cored with a hard Dyneema for added insurance. The bungee also includes double end loops to offer superior connection points to your rigging system.  Attaches to your float line and also works well for connecting multiple floats together.

The bungee is made from a high grade silicone rubber to ensure it never breaks down in the sun.



  • 1m unstretched length
  • 100% stretch – extends to twice it’s length
  • Spliced 1000lb core
  • Includes loops to attach clips
  • High grade silicone rubber


Also available in 2m, 5m and 10m.

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