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Diversworld Floatline

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Diversworld Floatline

We designed the Diversworld Floatline in nylon thread with swivelled heavy-duty Shark clips at both ends in our shop.  It has been designed with decades of experience for the best floatline characteristics. In addition, the line is fully floatable and each end is spliced. You’ll have a hard time tangling this floatline!

It is important to dive with a float and you attach your speargun to your float using a float line. A floatline enables you to to drop your speargun and, consequently, retrieve it from the surface simply by pulling the line up. The Diversworld Floatline is the simplest, and probably the best rig.

The line attaches to the handle of your gun and a float.  Compared to most, the system is strong, very simple and creates very little drag.  Also, it gives you a good way to store your fish without enticing other predators to close for comfort. The material used is static, meaning that you can keep control of how much line a fish has to play with.



Float lines are primarily used to allow you to shoot larger fish. Once you’ve placed your shot, you can let go of the speargun, loosely hang on to the float line, and let the fish “run” while he makes his way to the surface. Once at the surface you can take that much needed breath of air and start pulling up your prize.

The Diversworld Floatline is perfect to use with Ocean Hunter 3 Atmosphere Float


Available Lengths:

  • 5m
  • 15m
  • 20m
  • 30m


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5m, 15m, 20m, 30m


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