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DiversWorld Silicone Weight Belt

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The DiversWorld Silicone Weight Belt is designed to meet the needs of most free divers. Ideal accessory for diving, snorkelling spearfishing.


3 in stock



DiversWorld Silicone Weight Belt

The DiversWorld Silicone Diving Weight Belt is designed to meet the needs of most freedivers, as it is made from a highly durable, micro-elasticity and anti-slip silicone material with a marine-grade stainless steel 316 buckle.  Shrinking of the wetsuit because of pressure at depth isn’t an issue anymore since this freediving weight belt is highly flexible and will stay in place at any time.

The Silicone material has the advantages of being resistant to UV, ozone, heat, salt, chlorine and solvents. Silicone is also slightly more elastic than rubber, with a smooth finish and self compensates for changes in wetsuit’s thickness at different depths.

It is the ideal accessory for diving, snorkeling, spearfishing and other water sports.

Beauty, comfort and durability make this silicone freediving weight belt a must-have weight belt for every freediver.

When spearfishing or freediving we need weights to help us get down under the 5 meter buoyancy level. The weights will be heavy enough to get us below that mark, yet not too heavy for us to swim back to the surface. All divers weight different amounts, so everyone will have different amounts of weight and this is calculated roughly with a simple calculation. The general rule is to use 5% of your body weight as ling as you are wearing a 3mm wetsuit. If you are not wearing a wetsuit, you will only need 2.5% approx. This is a general guide and can vary from diver to diver.



  • Marine-grade stainless steel 316 buckle
  • Silicone has extra UV, chemical and heat resistance
  • 130 CM long
  • Flexible with all divers movement



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