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Domnick Hunter Oil-X Evo Filter

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Domnick Hunter Oil-X Evo Filter

Compressed air contamination is a real problem for industry. Using a Domnick Hunter Oil-X Evo Filter is therefore essential. In today’s modern production facilities, the use of compressed air is often pivotal to manufacturing processes. Irrespective of whether the compressed air comes into direct contact with the product or is used to automate a process, provide motive power, or even to generate other gases on-site, a clean, dry, reliable compressed air supply is essential to maintain efficient and cost effective production.

Moreover, most problems experienced by compressed air users derive from contamination already in the compressed air system. Typically there are 10 different contaminants from four different sources and even more in critical applications. that need to be removed or reduced to acceptable levels.


Failure to remove or reduce contamination will cause many problems with the compressed air system, for example:

  • Corrosion within compressed air storage vessels and the air distribution system
  • Blocked or damaged valves, cylinders, air motors and air tools
  • Damaged production equipment
  • Premature and unplanned desiccant changes for adsorption dryers
  • Product contamination

In addition to problems associated with the compressed air system itself, allowing contaminants such as particulate, oil and micro-organisms to exhaust from valves, cylinders and air tools, can lead to an unhealthy and unsafe working environment. However, a filter like the Domnick Hunter Oil-X Evo Filter helps avoid all that.


Compressed air contamination will ultimately lead to:

  • Inefficient production processes
  • Spoiled, damaged or reworked products
  • Reduced production efficiency
  • Increased manufacturing costs


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