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Domnick Hunter Water Filter Element

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Domnick Hunter Water Filter Element

The Domnick Hunter Water Filter Element can filter up to 99.9% of the total liquid contamination found in a compressed air system as water. Many perceive oil to be the cause of most problems. This is because it appears to be seen emanating from open drain points and exhausting valves. However, in the majority of instances, it is actually oily condensate (a mix of oil and water) that causes issues. Atmospheric air contains water vapour (water in a gaseous form). The ability of compressed air to hold water vapour is dependent upon its temperature.

The higher the temperature, the more water vapour that can be held by the air. During compression, the temperature increases significantly, which allows the heated air to easily retain the incoming moisture.


Prior to exiting the compressor, compressed air normally cools to a usable temperature.

This reduces the air’s ability to retain water vapour. This results in a proportion of the water vapour being condensed into water which is removed by a condensate drain fitted to the compressor after-cooler. The air leaving the after-cooler now has 100% water vapour saturation. Any further cooling of the air will result in more water vapour condensing into liquid water. Condensation occurs at various stages throughout the system as the air cools further because of the air receiver, piping and the expansion of air in valves, cylinders, tools and machinery. The condensed water and water aerosols cause corrosion to the storage and distribution system. They damage production equipment and can also spoil the end product. Overall, water contamination reduces production efficiency and increases maintenance costs. Thus, it must be removed to enable the system to run correctly and efficiently

Most air compressors use oil in the compression stage for sealing, lubrication and cooling. During operation, lubricating oil carries over into the compressed air system as liquid oil and aerosols. This oil mixes with water in the air and is often very acidic. This causes damage to the compressed air storage and distribution system, production equipment and final product

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