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Garmin Descent Mk2S

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Garmin Descent Mk2S is a full-featured dive computer with support for multiple dive modes for single and multiple gas dives, mark entry and exit points in the water using multi-GNSS satellite




For underwater adventures, the Garmin Descent Mk2S is a full-featured dive computer.  With support for multiple dive modes for single and multiple gas dives.  (including nitrox, trimix and 100% O2)  Via gauge, apnea, apnea hunt and closed-circuit rebreather. Mk2S will mark entry and exit points in the water using multi-GNSS satellite support.  The watch also comes with an underwater 3-axis compass. Divers can view depth, dive time, temperature, NDL/TTS, ascent/descent rates.   Also check Gas mix, PO2, N2 loading, decompression/safety stop information.  You can of course still check time-of-day and more, right on the wrist. Users can quickly customize their dive modes, by selecting additional screens.

Store and review dive data for up to 200 dives on the watch. View them all on the companion Garmin Dive™ app.  It automatically provides a detailed analysis of each dive activity, including max depth, bottom time and a map of surface entry and exit points. Using the app’s Explore tool.  Divers can plan their next trip by viewing popular dive sites.  It has a raft of helpful information, like weather conditions and dive logs from that specific location. In app, keep track of the gear being used for each dive. Easily tag equipment, wetsuit and fins, then refer back when preparing for future trips.


Wellness tracking and smart features of the Garmin Descent Mk2S

When not diving, the Descent Mk2S doubles as a premium multisport GPS smartwatch with all-day health monitoring, built-in sports apps and more.  Upon awakening, users can review their Sleep Score and Insights on the watch to see whether they are getting the quality sleep they need to feel rested and recharged.

When the watch is paired with a compatible smartphone, you can receive notifications for calls, texts and calendar alerts right on the wrist.  Descent Mk2S has up to 7 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 30 hours in dive mode.


Garmin Descent Mk2S Sports apps and advanced metrics

Packed with preloaded sports apps for running, swimming, cycling, strength training, skiing, golfing and more, the Descent Mk2S will monitor and track all essential information. These sport profiles have expanded to now include surfing and indoor climbing, plus advanced training metrics for multiple activities.

  • Surf: Using a Surf Activity profile, users can track total waves, surf time, total time, max speed and their longest wave, plus ocean conditions and tide data right on the wrist.
  • Mountain Bike: Using the new “Grit and Flow” metrics, individuals can track the details of every ride with mountain biking metrics, plus specialized grit and flow measurements that rate trail difficulty and how smoothly users descend, giving a unique score to beat next time.
  • Indoor Climb: The indoor climb activity profile allows climbers to track their sessions at indoor facilities. Metrics include the number of routes, vertical distance climbed, climbing time, difficultly of each route and more.
  • Recovery Advisor: Giving the body time to recover between training sessions or activities is crucial. After each workout, the built-in recovery advisor will recommend how long to rest before another big effort.
  • Daily Suggested Workouts: For training guidance that takes fitness level into account, get daily run and ride suggestions based on current training load and training status.

When paired with a compatible Garmin inReach® satellite communicator4 at the surface, users can send and receive messages quickly from the Descent Mk2S watch and when necessary, trigger an interactive SOS. Divers can keep the device protected by using the inReach Mini Dive Case (sold separately) and have peace-of-mind whenever they surface.


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Black, Carbon Grey, Light Gold, Mineral Blue


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