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GoBro Grips

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GoBro Grips

You are no longer limited to one GoPro HERO, one angle, and one point of view! Mount multiple GoPro HERO Cameras or any standard GoBro Grips hot shoe mount accessory and start shooting. Video lights, microphones, accessory arms, wireless lapel microphone receivers, dive lights, anything you can imagine. If it has a shoe mount, you can use it.

Using the GoBro Grip sets your HERO up for a stable, comfortable shooting position. Furthermore, the ergonomic design allows a comfortable hold. At the same time, it acts as a steady shooting platform. In other words, no more shaky videos!

Not only can you shoot in 3rd person, but also in 1st person – and all that at the same time. Fancy taking photos while filming? No problem with the GoBro Grips.

It’s also super easy to assemble. You don’t even need any screws. Just clip your cameras or lights into the quick release mount and shoot away.


Features of the GoBro Grips:

• No Screws Necessary! Use the standard GoPro Quick Release Mounts and start filming!
• Works with all GoPro HERO cameras
• Ergonomic design for a steady shooting platform
• Record 1st and 3rd Person Point of View at the same time
• Take Photos and Videos at the same time


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