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Mares Viper Mask

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The Mares Viper Mask was designed with meticulous attention to facial comfort, providing a streamlined shape with an attractive finish.


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Mares Viper Mask

The Mares Viper mask is another revolutionary product. Mares developed it in partnership with the best athletes worldwide. They dedicated the mask to the most demanding freedivers and spearfishermen.

Their designers created a mask with innovative technical features and a unique, striking design.

Above all, Mares modeled the skirt with meticulous attention to facial ergonomics. Therefore, the mask is suitable for all types of physiognomy. They also carefully fashioned the surface in contact with the face to offer superior comfort. In addition, it also stays in position better than masks using the traditional extra inner lip.

The skirt exterior has an attractive, sophisticated finish. The inner surface features a special soft-touch / anti-reflective treatment. Furthermore, the new silicone used reduces fogging.

The silicone encased frame provides a single highly streamlined shape. As a result, it eliminates potential friction as you come back up to the surface. The position of the lenses is closer to the eyes to minimize internal volume. This will also ensure a wide field of view.

The product’s latest-generation silicone deters condensation. At the same time, the ergonomic buckles enable you to adjust the strap more precisely.



  • Less distance from lens to eye
  • Minimal internal volume
  • Increased field of vision
  • Anatomical skirt without internal lip
  • Very lightweight
  • Matte finish for anti-reflective properties
  • Hydrodynamic profile reducing resistance in water
  • Ergonomic mask strap buckles for effortless operation
  • Silicone used in skirt has anti-fogging properties

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