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Mares X-Tream Mask

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The Mares X-Tream Mask with ultra-low volume and a very wide field of view. X-Tream is an ultra-light, hydrodynamic and minimalist goggle providing incredible vision.


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The Mares X-Tream mask has an ultra-low volume which will help to minimise compression during the dive. The minimalist design and the reduced hydrodynamic profile work together to reduce drag in the water.
The distance between lenses and eyes has been reduced, allowing for a large field of view.
The mask features redesigned ergonomic buckles for better hydrodynamic, a minimalist strap and includes an integrated snorkel stop for easy donning and convenient snorkel placement for surface breathing.

X-Tream is an ultra-light, hydrodynamic and minimalist mask that provides incredible vision. It is truly the perfect mask for any freediver or spearo looking for underwater perfection.

The Mares X-Tream mask key features are as follows:

  • Over moulded frame and anatomic facepiece
  • Minimum distance between lenses and eyes
  • Minimum internal volume
  • Gives you a Further expanded field of vision
  • Very lightweight
  • Anti-reflective properties
  • Hydrodynamic profile for reducing water resistance
  • Mask strap with new ergonomic buckles for better hydrodynamics
  • Strap of the mask with a new snorkel holder
  • Relief area on the nose attaching perfectly to the nose clip


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