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Neptonics Bluewater Pro Floatline 20m

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Spearfishermen around the world will attest the Neptonics Bluewater Pro Floatline 20m can’t be beaten on quality or strength. We back braid our hardware to the 725kg(1600lb) spectra core (currently the most abrasion resistant fiber on the market) while our custom engineered Floatline Plugs (with two reverse o-rings) guarantee a watertight seal.


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Spearfishermen from around the world will attest the Neptonics Bluewater Pro Floatline 20m can’t be beaten on quality or strength. Above all, they back braid their hardware to the 725kg (1600 lbs) spectra core. Currently, this is the most abrasion resistant fiber on the market. Other companies floatlines are only crimped and will fail at the worst times possible.

At Neptonics, all aspects of the floatline are made in their shop. From the machining of the metal parts, welding, back braiding and finishing. You can count on these floatlines not letting you down. The quality is unmatched and that is the reason that our loyal customers and friends keep coming back.

Furthermore, their custom engineered Float line Plugs guarantee a watertight seal. These also come with two reverse o-rings.

Floatlines provide the link between your speargun and your spearfishing float. Once you spear a fish, the fish will fight the floatline and the spearfishing float and not you. This gives you a chance to head to the surface and take a deep breath while the float and floatline either tires the fish out or marks the spot they decided to hide in. A spearfishing floatline and a float makes you much easier to spot not only by other boat traffic but by your own boat as well. It’s very easy for your boat captain to keep a good eye on several spearfishermen at once which is a great knowing you will be easier to find when you get swept out by current or a nice fish tows you out to sea.

This floatline definitely is one amazing piece of equipment, and any spearo’s must/have.


Features of the Neptonics Bluewater Pro Floatline 20m

  • Spectra Core: Currently the strongest, toughest most abrasion resistant fiber on the planet.
  • Custom Engineered Plugs
  • Two reverse O-rings guarantee a watertight seal
  • Backbraided line: therefore the integrity of the line is not diminished
  • 725kg / 1600 lbs spectra core


Available Colours:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow


Choosing the colour:

Consider the following; If you’re looking for stealth underwater choose a red floatline. Red is great in cleaner water and is extremely visible on the surface to other boats.  However, red is also the first color to disappear (turn grey) underwater.

For custom lengths simply call us or email your request: CONTACT US.

Additional information


Blue, Black, Red, yellow, white


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