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Neptonics Tuna Speargun Mechanism

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9 in stock



Neptonics Tuna Speargun Mechanism

The Neptonics Tuna Speargun Mechanism is just awesome. It has an upgraded housing design and new internal component geometry for even more strength and durability. The newly upgraded Tuna mech is of stainless steel housing, and still machined out of a solid piece of stainless steel. And of course this is marine grade stainless. It holds up to six power bands. Fully rounded ends make this mech a breeze for you to install. With the upgrades and redesign you will achieve an even nicer, smoother release. This is definitely a mech you’ll have lots of good spearing sessions with.

The mech accepts shaft sizes: 9/32, 5/16, 11/32, and 3/8 with the dimensions of 1″H x 3″L x 0.5″W.

For the easiest installation, be sure to also get the installation jig for this trigger mech.

The Neptonics Tuna Speargun Mechanism is including line release and all pins.


Features and Specs:

  • 100% Solid Stainless Steel
  • Fully-rounded ends make it easy to install
  • Holds up to six powerbands.

Accepts the following shaft sizes:

  • 9/32″ = 7.14mm
  • 5/16″ = 7.94 mm
  • 11/32″ = 8.73 mm
  • 3/8″ = 9.53 mm


25.4mm H(1″) -x  76.2mm L (3″) x 12.7mm W (0.5″).



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