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Ocean Pro Seahorse Junior Set Blue

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The Oceanpro KIDS Seahorse Mask & Snorkel Set is the ideal package for any child or early teenager between 7 to 13 years of age whether a confident snorkeler or simply starting out.


Out of stock

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Ocean Pro Seahorse Junior Set Blue

The Ocean Pro Seahorse Junior Set in Blue is a Mask and Snorkel combo specifically for kids as it takes into account the size difference between an adults face and a child’s face.

Traditionally, kids have struggled to get a correct and watertight fit out of adult size gear. This can lead to serious problems with comfort, safety and in-water confidence. This set provides the perfect solution to solve these problems.


The Seahorse mask

The Mask is especially made narrower to accommodate for children’s smaller faces. It ensures a correct seal that won’t leak and let water in. In addition, because the mask is made from the same high quality 100% silicone that you would expect to see on an expensive adult scuba diver’s mask, you can be assured of a high quality and hassle free fitting.


The Seahorse snorkel

The Snorkel includes a smaller mouthpiece that will fit comfortably in their smaller mouths. The bore of the snorkel barrel has been made especially for children as well. Its smaller circumference barrel caters for their smaller lung volume and strength. This allows children to easily draw air through the snorkel.

To top it all off, the Snorkel also includes a protective splash top. This reduces the potential for water entering down the top of the Snorkel. The Ocean Pro Seahorse Set for Kids represents outstanding value for money and has been our most popular selling package for children.

This proven product is highly effective in ensuring a good fit and providing the fun and successfully snorkeling opportunities for children that parents look for to encourage their children’s confidence in the water.


  • Designed for kids
  • Ideal for ages 7-13 years
  • Complete mask & snorkel set
  • High quality whilst great value for money
  • Packaged ready to go


Also available in Pink

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Blue, Pink


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