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Ocean Pro Typhoon 2 Snorkel

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Ocean Pro Typhoon 2 Snorkel with Purge Valve Dry Top Deflector and you can replace the mouthpiece if you need to and is ideal for any diving




Ocean Pro Typhoon 2 Snorkel

The Ocean Pro Typhoon 2 Snorkel will most likely blow you away! Featuring a new foldaway column design, this snorkel is probably one of the best on the market.

As a result of the silicone tubing & mouthpiece, breathing is easy underwater! Therefore making this a snorkel perfect for all occasions.

This snorkel is an update of the notably popular Typhoon snorkel.

Therefore, the Typhoon 2 is ideal for Scuba diving or snorkelling and uses quality materials to ensure you have an enjoyable dive.


Ocean Pro Typhoon 2 Snorkel Features:

  • Effective splash guard to reduce water ingress
  • Large diameter smooth bore ensures easy breathing
  • Soft silicone corrected drop away
  • Effective purge sump design makes clearing any water a breeze.
  • Soft orthodontic mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue
  • Adjustable quick release mask clip makes storage and travel easy.


Snorkel Care advice:

Masks, fins, and snorkels alike should be stored in a dry place away from sunlight. It’s also a good idea to keep them away from metal. Your gear can deteriorate prematurely if exposed to these things.

Another matter that should be addressed is mould and mildew. If you store your gear in a place that’s not well ventilated or that is prone to moisture, then the next time you go to use it you may find an unpleasant surprise.

Your mask, fins, and snorkel can be hung on a hook or placed in a mesh bag. Mesh bags are probably the best choice because all your equipment will be in one place and stay safe.


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Black/Black, Black/Blue, Clear/Titanium, Clear/White


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