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Oceanic Air XS 2 Occy

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One is better than two. Combine your alternate air source and BC inflator into one low profile


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Oceanic Air XS 2 Occy

One is better than two. With the Oceanic Air XS 2 Occy, you can now combine your alternate air source and BC inflator into one low profile, streamlined package.

Picture this: Your buddy signs “I need air!”

1. YOU put the secondary air source in your mouth and hand him your normal second stage (which is still in your hand — you just took it out of your mouth).

2. You grasp him by the lapels and hold him close (he doesn’t have enough hose to wander off, so you are in control — a Good Thing if he’s a little panicky).

3. Ascend safely.

The three advantages of this type of occy are that (a) you KNOW where your spare is, all the time, (b) You control your buddy, not vice versa, (c) you don’t drag your octopus across the bottom or get it snagged somewhere.

Pre-installed or easily added:

Either purchase the Oceanic Air XS 2 Occy pre- installed with a new BC or easily add the occy to any Oceanic BC in minutes.
Its compact, integrated design eliminates the bulk of a traditional octopus and hose.
No need to search in an emergency for an octo that is rarely used- the Air XS2 is always right where you need it.
Ergonomic design for ease of use.
Integrated pull-ball (COMPLETE UNIT ONLY) allows activation of the cable exhaust valve while using the Air XS 2.

Item Number: ambc126bk




Make sure to register your Oceanic BCD, Regs and Computer online with Oceanic Australia for a limited lifetime warranty:

1. Visit
2. Enter you email address and follow the prompts. Done!


Additional information

Hose Length

16", 18", 20"


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