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Oceanic Deluxe Reg Bag

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1 in stock



Oceanic Deluxe Reg Bag

The Oceanic Deluxe Reg Bag will protect your scuba regulator and computer, keeping them dust free, clean and safe.  It is perfect to transport and store your most valuable equipment in.

The square shape allows you to store your scuba reg in a gently rolled position.  This prevents stress on the hoses and is just the best way to store your regulator.

The zipper is around three sides of the bag.  This makes it super easy to put your gear in and take out of. Use this compact bag by itself or place into a larger bag while traveling.

Storing your scuba diving gear is crucial to prevent it from getting dirty. After all, the last thing you want while scuba diving is having to breathe through a filthy reg.


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