Pelagic Mask Snorkel Fins Package

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Pelagic Mask Snorkel Fins Package

The Pelagic Mask Snorkel Fins Package is the ultimate mix and match set. Choose from 2 different snorkels and 3 different masks, combined with a set of Pelagic Spirit fins and a mesh bag to for easy carrying.


The Pelagic SPIRIT fins:

These European inspired fins offer the most versatile range in the world today. The Pelagic Spirit Fins are available in camouflage blue and camouflage green, each representing a different stiffness (rigidity) of blades.


Colour indicates stiffness

The blades are extremely durable and totally reactive! At Diversworld, we choose to stock the soft and flex variety, as stiffer fins usually only result in muscle cramps and earlier exhaustion of the diver. The unique ribbed blades angle at 20 degrees from the foot pocket for maximum performance.

The innovative foot pockets are made of thermo synthetic rubber with two different grades of hardness to combine the best in comfort and performance.


Pelagic Spirit Fins sizing chart:

  • Blue – soft, available sizes XXS | XS | S
  • Green – flex, available sizes M | L | XL


XXS 35-36 4-5 2-3
XS 37-38 6-7 4-5
S 39-40 8-9 6-7
M 41-42 10-11 8-9
L 43-44 10-11
XL 45-46 12-13




Pelagic HUNTER mask:

Put on, go dive and forget about it. 

It has an excellent field of view, great seal and is very comfortable to wear. This mask has a super low volume to make equalizing easy as you descend while minimizing pressure.


Features of this mask:

  • Matt black satin finish
  • Super soft hypo-allergenic silicone
  • Skirt moulded directly to frame, reducing the mask volume even further
  • Superb field of view
  • Easily adjustable buckles, even with gloves on
  • Protective travel case

Pelagic DROP EYE mask:

The Pelagic Drop Eye Low Volume Mask has been purposely built and designed for freediving and spearfishing. It is a twin lens, low volume, frameless mask that offers excellent vision with a reduced size of similar looking masks. Guaranteed fit and extreme comfort, with ultra wide vision and low volume.

The Pelagic Drop Eye Mask is designed to be simple and easy to use and features quick release buckles that are mounted onto the skirt of the mask rather than the frame. It comes with a black silicone skirt which improves underwater viewing by blocking out unwanted UV glare.

Material: surgical quality, hypo-allergenic, black silicone, representing the highest grade and quality of spearfishing and freediving mask material in Australia today.


Features of this mask:

  • Skirt material: pure silicone for a soft seal
  • Frameless, twin lens design
  • Easy to use quick release buckles are mounted onto the mask skirt
  • Excellent vision
  • Comes complete with its own hard transparent plastic case for protection when travelling


Pelagic SEAL mask:

This spearfishing or freediving mask has an excellent seal and truly gives the diver the ultimate in low profile internal dimensions.

The Pelagic Seal Low Volume Mask is very comfortable to wear and has a superb field of view.

Material: super soft hypo-allergenic black silicone, with the skirt moulded directly onto the mask frame, guaranteeing low volume and extreme comfort.


Features of this mask:

  • Super soft silicone
  • Black silicone
  • Low internal volume
  • Easy adjustable buckles
  • Comes with handy protective travel case

Black skirt, black frame, low volume and easy adjusted


Pelagic SPIRIT snorkel:

The Pelagic Spirit Snorkel includes a soft silicone mouthpiece for your maximum comfort. It has been designed to streamline around the divers head, therefore minimizing vibration and drag in the water.

This snorkel is made from flexible material so that you won’t get stuck under coral while chasing cray or being entangled with your float line.

 Features of this snorkel:
  • easy clearing
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece for enhanced comfort
  • Ergonomically shaped for improved in water use
  • Available colors: camouflage blue or camouflage green, matching the choice of fins

Pelagic HYPER PURGE snorkel:

The Pelagic Hyper Purge Snorkel is a fantastic choice for spearos and freedivers on a budget.

This snorkel is streamlined to fit the shape of the diver’s head while reducing drag and vibration in the water to a minimum. It also has a simple, one way purge valve at the base to ensure clearing to be quick and easy.

The silicone mouthpiece of the Pelagic Hyper snorkel is soft, guaranteeing comfort even during long diving sessions.

This snorkel is made from flexible material so that you won’t get stuck under coral while chasing cray or being entangled with your float line.


Features of the Pelagic Hyper Purge Snorkel:

  • Streamlined shape
  • Flexible material
  • One way purge valve
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece
  • Available colors: camouflage blue or camouflage green, matching the choice of fins

Pelagic Mesh Fin Bag:

The Pelagic Mesh Fin Bag is a simple, extremely light weight fin bag made from black mesh material.

This bag is great to have for many occasions.
You can use it to have your gear ready in one neat bundle before diving. After diving, storing your equipment in a mesh bag will let everything dry faster while having air flow. This is important as it prevents mold and unpleasant odour from developing.

Additional information

Fin Size

XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL


Pelagic Hunter, Pelagic Drop Eye, Pelagic Seal


Pelagic Spirit, Pelagic Hyper Purge


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