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Rob Allen 7mm Shafts Clearance

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Rob Allen 7mm Shafts Clearance are made from a carbon alloy spring steel making it extremely strong and flexible with a tri-cut tip


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Rob Allen 7mm Shafts

The Rob Allen 7mm Shafts are made from a carbon alloy spring steel making it extremely strong yet still flexible.

The Rob Allen 7mm shaft will easily penetrate any medium to large bodied fish from a long range, on the right gun of course. The gun will need to be the correct length with the correct rubbers to give the spear that power.

The tri-cut tip ensures that it is super sharp and will puncture through the fish with ease. Coming with a spring steel flopper, will allow you to hold on to the fish without if coming off of the spear while fighting it.

The double notch allows you to pull back 2 rubbers on to their own notch, giving you even more power if needed for the larger fish. Every spear length is designed for each gun length.

A good all round choice for medium to larger fish.

Engineered from ultra tough oil quenched Carbon alloy spring steel tempered to 2100Mpa.

270 degree polished wishbone notches and polished line holes ensure minimum wear.

Tri-cut tip to ensure excellent fish penetration

Single flopper


The Rob Allen 7mm Shafts is available in:

  • 1900
  • 2000




Note: Due to this spear being over 1m in length, the total shipping rate will be $49 Australia wide.

Additional information


1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1900, 2000


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