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Rob Allen GT Carbon Roller

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Rob Allen GT Carbon Roller

The Rob Allen GT Carbon Roller speargun is the much awaited upgrade you’ve been waiting for.  Rob Allen has modified earlier designs to improve the flaws that many of today’s guns have.

Replacing the previous Zulu barrel, the GT carbon barrel holds twice its strength.  Years of research and development and many modifications went into its design.  The result allows you to exploit the low weight of a smaller, sturdier weapon with the power of a much larger one.

As you can see each one of these roller-guns come with a unique air-brush pattern. As a result they are not only deadly, but look great too.  Notably, the barrel is matched with genuine Rob Allen large rollers and ceramic bearings.  This means they are 15% more effective than other Rollers and there is little risk of bearing damage, or sand and debris wear.

Altogether, this adds up to an essential item to include in your spearo’s arsenal.  Your effective range from the point of your GT muzzle is approximately 6 x your barrel length.  Unlike conventional spearguns where rubber bands occupy only 30-40% of barrel length, the Roller allows you to use 100% as the spear is accompanied all the way to the end of the track.

The Extra Details

In addition to the new body, you also get the Vecta II Mechanism which boasts 316 Stainless Steel that is precision milled by lasers.  While you are out hunting you will find that such precision ensures delicacy and reduces misfire.

Encased in a fibreglass filled, plastic cassette and body is your laser precision trigger mechanism. Also, the butt is ergonomically designed ensuring that you stay comfortable.

Put all this together and this is arguably the most desirable speargun in the legendary Rob Allen range.

Rob Allen premium carbon barrels are manufactured using a revolutionary epoxy bonding process. Ultimately, this ensures that each barrel is strong enough to withstand the harshest conditions.  Being made of up to 80% fibre to 20% binding agent is part of why they are so much stronger.

This model is available in lengths from 90cm to 120cm, is driven with 16mm elastics, and fires a 7.5mm Tri-Cut Spear.  In addition to the 7.5mm double notched high-carbon spring-steel shaft, it also sports 2x 16mm powerbands and a Rob Allen load assist.  The double-wrapped shooting line is 1.8mm dyneema with a swivelled bungee.


Available colours:

  • Red

Available barrel lengths:

  • 900 (90m)


Additional information


Red, Blue, Green


90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm


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