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Salvimar Tomahawk Roller Speargun

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Salvimar Tomahawk Roller Speargun is so much more powerful than your standard roller as it exerts more power from the four additional elastic bands with a strength of 250kg.


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The Salvimar Tomahawk Roller Speargun is the new unique top of the line power speargun.  It is so much more powerful than your standard roller.

It exerts 35% more power with the thrust provided from the four additional power bands that have a strength of 250kg. These extra bands are connected to a glass nylon element under the barrel in front of the handle.

It also features a heavy metal 350 release mechanism.   Including a 17-4Ph heat-treated stainless steel roller wheel for the rear. It means that friction is hugely reduced.   As well as wear and less noise too! This release mech can handle a 350kg load strain.

The handle has a left and right anatomical grip. Between the grip and the hilt, there is a trigger sensitive adjustment screw.

Like the Salvimar Hero, the Tomahawk has a barrel with an elliptical asymmetrical shape. It is made of aeronautical aluminium, with internal reinforcement segments and Teflon open track shaft guide for friction and noise reduction. It also has double elliptical O-rings as water seals for maximum air containment and unmatched buoyancy.

The Tomahawk can host standard a 7.0 or 7.5 diameter shaft and comes in sizes of 105cm and 115cm. The Tomahawk features a roller muzzle that can host rubber bands up to 19mm in diameter. The muzzle has a V shape tip, meaning the Tomahawk permits shark fin shafts to be inserted without lifting the Dyneema wishbone.

Features of the Salvimar Tomahawk Roller Speargun:

  • Asymmetrical elliptical shaft in aeronautical alloy
  • Teflon guide
  • Increased profile for a better hydrostatic set-up
  • Sensitive trigger adjustment
  • Sternal support in soft rubber
  • Handle with line fixing hook or reinforced carabiner
  • Heavy Metal 350 release mechanism (load tested 350kg)
  • Ergonomic Handle with left and right strongly anatomical grip
  • Tomahawk propulsion system

Available Length 1050mm

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1050, 1150


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