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Suunto Ocean Dive Computer

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Suunto Ocean Dive Computer

The Suunto Ocean is a dive computer and sports watch in one for adventures below and above surface. With dive modes for all diving activities, exceptional readability and usability in all conditions, long battery life, wide variety of sport modes and every day tracking it has you covered in all your activities – and between them.

With its modern Finnish design and premium features built for dives, sports, and everything in between, Suunto Ocean is the perfect companion for all your adventures.

  • Extensive scuba and freedive features
  • Premium outdoor features
  • 95+ sport modes
  • Underwater route tracking
  • Wireless tank pressure support
  • All dive and sports data in Suunto app
  • Up to 40h of dive and exercise tracking


Dive with confidence

The magic of diving lies in the unexpected. To get the most out of your underwater experience you need robust equipment you can trust. Bright colourful display, effortless usability, and long-lasting battery keep you informed and in control throughout your dive.

  • Multiple dive modes: Simple single gas for recreational diving with nitrox support. Multigas support for technical diving.
  • Wide variety of alarms: Audible and vibration alerts provide assistance and safety. Customisable options for receiving tank pressure, dive time and depth alarms to ensure you stay alert to essential dive data.
  • Suunto Bühlmann 16 GF algorithm: Equipped with the Bühlmann 16 GF algorithm with Gradient Factors and configurable ascent profiles so you can decide your desired decompression profile.
  • Wireless tank pressure: Pair tour Suunto Oceanwith Suunto Tank POD (link) and follow your gas pressure and gas consumption straight from your wrist.
  • Freedive mode: Monitor your dives with seperate underwater and surface views.  Multiple alarms for depth, dive time, and ascent/descent speed.


Stay active in sports and daily life

Finding time for dive trips, daily activities and sports is a challenge. Suunto Ocean helps you to find balance. Track your everyday movement and optimise training, from a park run to a mountain adventure.

  • 95+ sport modes: Track sports from yoga to mountaineering, and gym to cycling. Create custom modes to conquer anything your active life throws your way.
  • Free offline maps: Suunto Ocean equips you with detailed outdoor maps, featuring contour lines, water, paths, and landmarks – all free and available offline.
  • Premium outdoor features: Built-in altimeter, barometer, compass, and dual-band GPS/GNSS ensure accurate location tracking. Stay informed with storm alerts and weather forecasts, all conveniently on your wrist.
  • Sleep and recovery tracking: Follow your daily activities such as steps, calories, and sleep quality (including sleep stages). Track your recovery with heart rate variability for a holistic perspective on your wellbeing.
  • Heart rate tracking from wrist: Track your heart rate right from your wrist, no chest strap needed. For underwater heart rate tracking, connect with chest heart rate belt.


Elevate your experience with Suunto app

Suunto app seamlessly gathers all your data in one place. Gain a holistic view of your daily activity, sports, and dive logs – all in a single app.

  • Visualised dive logs: Enjoy an all-inclusive dive history of your locations and underwater routes. Suunto is the first to introduce a feature where your entire dive path is visualised.
  • Wireless sync: Bluetooth syncs your logs to the app instantly, wherever you are. Thanks to automatic software updates Suunto Ocean keeps getting better.
  • Extensive map collection: Explore popular routes with sport-specific heatmaps. Plan routes based on road surface details or even avalanche terrain maps.
  • SuuntoPlus store: Discover new sport apps for running, cycling, and more. Connect seamlessly with more devices and get real-time data with guides. The Suunto app is available in the App Store and Google Play.


Designed, tested and trusted by professionals, this high quality watch is made in Finland with 100% renewable energy. Being repairable, it’s the trusted companion that you can rely on for years to come.


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