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Aimrite Poison Pink 16mm Rubber

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Aimrite Poison Pink 16mm Rubber

Comes in a range of flouro colors including Pink, Orange, Green and Red.

Customize your gun with this new attractive rubber by Aimrite!

High quality power band boasting 245 joules of stored energy on a standard 1m gun when stretched to 60.

***Note*** for twin band guns use the next band size. so for 120cm twin rubber gun use 2 x 70cm band.

Aimrite Poison Pink 16mm Rubber Standard band length chart.

Gun Length            Band Length 16mm

90cm                      50cm

100cm                    55cm

110cm                    60cm

120cm                    65cm

130cm                    70cm

140cm                    75cm

150cm                    80cm

160cm                    85cm

To see this amazing rubber in action, check out this video!


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