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Cressi BIG EYES Evo Corrective Lenses



Cressi BIG EYES Evo Corrective Lenses

The Cressi Big Eyes Evo Corrective Lenses is a low volume mask for for advanced Freediving and Spearfishing. It fits people with medium to large faces.

The Cressi Big Eyes Evolution’s signature inverted tear-drop lenses are raked inward. This provides outstanding field of view with very low internal volume. A redesigned skirt now uses internal ribs to provide the ultimate in fit and support. Cressi used their double injection moulding technology to attach the fully flexible, easy adjust buckles for both comfort and extreme durability.

The High Seal mask material offers extraordinary and unprecedented comfort. The entire design of the skirt now allows a point of contact between mask and face with a very open angle.

Unprecedented comfort

The mask rests on the face with unprecedented comfort and does not leave any marks on the skin, even after extended use – naturally, to obtain such a result, Cressi differentiated the entire structure of the skirt, with internal ribs that stiffen the parts of the mask that receive the most stress.

The raked lenses, with their inverted drop shape (Cressi patent), are quite small and are brought as close to the pupils as possible, so that the already extraordinary visibility of the Cressi Eyes Evo is increased by 25%.

The headband uses the exclusive Cressi system of double injection of an elastomer on a rigid element and allows the buckles of the strap to be mounted not on the skirt structure, as done by our competitors, but on an indestructible elastic element that tilts on a vertical plane and can be completely bent sideways on a 180° curve: additionally, Cressi also reduced it’s thickness to such an extent as to make it practically invisible when the mask is being worn.

Choosing corrective lenses for your Cressi BIG EYES Evolution mask:

Theses corrective lenses are best for divers who are NEAR SIGHTED and normally wear glasses to see things in their immediate vicinity better, so if you can’t see anything nearby, your camera and gauge, but things in the distance are clear, these lenses are for you.

For bifocal lenses or positive diopter lenses, have a look at the Tusa Freedom Ceos Mask.

Corrective lenses are available in 0.5 diopter increments. Choose the correct strength for your left and right eye in the drop down menu.

These lenses are interchangeable and fit in either the left or right frame.

Available optical lenses:
-1.0 to -6.0



Not sure which lens to order?

Contact the shop directly if you have further questions.

PH: (07)4041 4004 Or Email, [email protected]




Please allow 3 extra days for shipping as we need to custom fit your lenses into the mask frame.

Additional information

Left Eye

0 zero, -1.0, -1.5, -2.0, -2.5, -2.5, -3.0, -3.5, -4.0, -4.5, -5.0, -5.5, -6.0

Right Eye

0 zero, -1.0, -1.5, -2.0, -2.5, -2.5, -3.0, -3.5, -4.0, -4.5, -5.0, -5.5, -6.0


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