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Cressi Spider Gloves 2mm

Ideal for Spearfishing, freediving and scuba diving

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Spider gloves are a versatile “second skin” designed for either cold or warm water adventures.

Made from super flex 2 mm neoprene these gloves allow for smooth hand hugging comfort and have a custom feel you’ll appreciate. The seams are blind glued and stitched for greater strength and comfort. The surface of the neoprene is coated in a non-slip wear resistant rubberised compound

The Cressi Spider Glove is a 2mm diving glove that is perfect for scuba diving and Spearfishing. This super stretchy neoprene allows extreme comfort as it molds to your hand “like a glove” fitting sizes XS – XXL. The Spider Glove has extra grip on the entire glove which helps when diving and having to hold on to mooring lines or rocks when the current is strong. When spearfishing, holding on to fish once they have been shot can be slippery sometimes, so the Cressi Spider glove is a great pick because of the nonslip grip. Gloves are an important item to have when in the water, especially in winter. You loose heat from you hands so keeping them covered will keep you warmer for longer. They will also prevent cuts and scratches.

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