Mares X-Free



Mares X-Free White Mask

The Mares X-Free is a great free diving or spearfishing mask with a range of features. With it’s low internal volume, this mask has  reduced drag in the water while still offering an increased field of vision and anti-reflective properties to name just a few!
It is also a very light weight mask – perfect for long dive days and travel.
  • Over molded frame and anatomical skirt
  • Minimum distance between lens and eyes
  • Minimal internal volume, under 80cm³
  • Increased field of vision
  • Super lightweight – just 147g
  • Matte finish for anti-reflective properties
  • Tempered Glass Lense
  • Hydrodynamic profile reduces drag in water
  • Ergonomic mask strap buckles for easy operation
  • Embossed grip area on the nose for perfect fitting with a nose clip
  • New silicone utilized in the skirt reduces fogging
  • Fits regular shaped faces

For a 3D view of the Mares X-Free, watch this clip:


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