///Ocean Hunter Monofilament Line

Ocean Hunter Monofilament Line


Ocean Hunter Monofiliment Line



Ocean Hunter Monofilament Line
OceanHunter monofiliment has minimal stretch, minimal memory, exceptional shock strength and superb UV resistance
1.8mm diametre black
Available per metre length and includes 4 x crimps

The Rob Allen Black Mako shooting line provides considerably greater abrasion resistance than equivalent mono lines of the same diameter. The Rob Allen Monofilament line has been especially designed for taking on BIG Fish. Monofilament offers three main advantages over using rope which is why most serious spearos prefer to use it when rigging up their guns. 1.) Monofilament is lighter in weight than many rope products. 2.) Monofilament doesn’t soak up water like rope can, which means that it won’t slow down your shaft when you shoot. 3.) Monofilament is usually a thinner product and has a slicker finish, which again improves shaft speed. For these reasons this is why hardcore serious spearos prefer to use the Rob Allen Monofilament Line.


  • Diameter: An impressive 1.8mm
  • Breaking strain: A Strong 480lb
  • Length: Sold by the metre
  • A must have to improve the speed and velocity of your shaft release
  • Can be used on any brand of speargun
  • Monofilament Line is sold by the metre
  • Please specify your length by selecting your quantity



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