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OCEAN PRO Knife Strap

The Ocean Pro Knife Strap has been designed to be used with any brand of knife sheath. The material is hard wearing high grade rubber and have a hardened plastic buckle for easy adjustment.

Pack consists of 2 rubber straps.


  • Universal Knife Strap
  • Secure belt buckle adjustment
  • Hard wearing high grade rubber straps
  • Circumference: 440 mm
  • Metal center pin for strength
  • Hardened plastic buckle
  • Sold as a pair

There are several items that are essential when putting together a Save-A-Dive Kit, Cylinder Valve O-rings, Fin Straps, Buckles, etc. One of the most important items is the spare knife strap. Ocean Pro Knife Strap is a Durable Depth Compensating Rubber Strap that will fit most all dive knife sheaths and can come in real handy if you or your buddy are in need of a spare strap. Don’t ruin a day of diving due to the lack of sparer’s!




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