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Oceanic Cyanea Mask, Fins Snorkel Package

$457.00 $349.95

Oceanic Cyanea Mask, Fins and Snorkel Package is comprised of a Oceanic Cyanea Mask, Oceanic Ultra-dry purge valve snorkel and a set of Oceanic Viper Open heel fins.


Oceanic Cyanea Mask, Fins Snorkel Package

The Oceanic Cyanea Mask, Fins and Snorkel Package contains the Cyanea Mask, the Ultra-dry purge valve snorkel and a set of Oceanic Manta Ray Open heel fins.


The Oceanic Cyanea Mask, Fins Snorkel Package are available in 4 colour configurations:

  • White/Sea Foam
  • White /Pink
  • Black/Yellow
  • Black/Blue

Features of the Oceanic Cyanea Mask:

This is a newer mask on the market and this particular one has something that all of our others mask do not have. Oceanic has put a unique ski-goggle style elastic mask strap in place of the standard silicone strap.

This is a huge plus and makes your diving that little more comfortable. Most of you will know how it feels when the silicone strap grips and pulls your hair, guys and girls say this all the time.

With the new elastic style strap, this will not happen as it does not pull at your hair and sits comfortably on the back of your head without slipping.

The Oceanic Cyanea Mask has a extremely large wide field of vision which allows your peripheral vision to be wider also. Instead of having side clips, the Cyanea’s new strap is adjusted along the strap with a cool new adjusting slider.

Made with 100% silicone, this mask fits majority of faces, however keep in mind that it is a little on the larger side, so those smaller thin faces probable will not suit this mask

Features of the Oceanic Ultra-Dry Snorkel:

The name says it all. Designed to be exactly what its name suggests, the ULTRA DRY snorkel incorporates Oceanic’s patented Dry Snorkel Technology into an ultra-low profile product that is ergonomically designed for comfort and function.

Patented Dry Snorkel Technology virtually eliminates water entry without sacrificing performance

Oversized purge valve for easy clearing

Quick-release swiveling snorkel keeper

Drop away smooth bore flex mouthpiece

Replaceable 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece and purge valve.

Features of the Oceanic Manta Ray Fins:

Whether you are in demanding currents and rough surf or set for a long surface swims, the Oceanic Manta Ray fins will get you there.

The Oceanic MANTA RAY fins use three key materials to simulate the 3 primary features of fast moving marine life: skin, tendon and bone. This is why they are giving you a finning experience like never before! These fins are drawing inspiration from the shape and bio-mechanics of marine animals. They are incredibly light and durable and whilst still providing maneuverability that’s second to none.

The flexible hinge of the Manta Ray fins achieves the ultimate thrust angle, allowing the best propulsion while ensuring no efficiency is lost, while the new heel spring strap offers extreme comfort and comes with an ergonomic finger loop which lets you place them on and off your feet effortlessly.

This unique and unparalleled combination of technology and materials will deliver performance whenever and where ever and you need it.

Features of the Oceanic MANTA RAY Fins:

  • Progressive techno-polymer blade construction. Advanced materials provides the strength of bone to maximize power, speed & efficiency, while being extremely lightweight & durable.
  • Power-X System honing the fin efficiency. This revolutionary material acts as tendon & joint, optimizing propulsion by flexing during the downstroke and releasing stored energy prior to the upstroke.
  • Power channel simulating skin elasticity. The flexible center channel directs water flow off the back of the blade for increased thrust.
  • Soft padded heel strap with ergonomic finger-loop. Our newly designed heel strap has a comfortable and ergonomic finger-loop which allows the fin to be easily removed & replaced, even with thick neoprene gloves.
  • EBA – Easy Buckle Adjustment System. Our unique system allows over 2″ (5 cm) of precise adjustments for a custom fit without tools.
  • Winglets along the length of the blade to increase efficiency and improve manoeuvrability.

The Oceanic MANTA Ray Fins are available in these sizes:

  • XS (5-7)
  • S-M (7-9)
  • L (10-11)
  • XL (12)

Additional information


White-Pink, Yellow-Black, Blue-Black, White-Aqua

Fin Size

XS, S-M, L, XL


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