///Pelagic Snap Clip Swivel

Pelagic Snap Clip Swivel


Pelagic with snap clip swivel


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Pelagic snap clip swivel

The Pelagic Gun Bungee with Snap Clip Swivel works like a shock-absorber to ensure a strong stretchable link between your spear shaft and your speargun. It is ideal for keeping your speargun line firm and avoiding entanglements. In addition the snap clip allows quick exchanges for the competitive spearo to swap shooting lines.


  • Makes rigging of your gun easier when using low stretch Nylon or Dyneema
  • Reduces the chance of the line slipping when diving in turbulent conditions
  • Cored through with 180kg soft weave Dyneema
  • Swivel eliminates tangling and snagging issues




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