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Salvimar Vintair 35

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Salvimar Vintair 35

The Salvimar Vintair 35 is a classic pneumatic speargun. Compact, easy to use and handle, excellent value for money.

This new model is using a number of innovations and advanced materials in order to ensure long periods of extensive use with little need for maintenance. It is featuring a hydrodynamic muzzle lightened by drain holes which were enlarged for rapid and efficient expulsion of water from the barrel when you fire the speargun. The trigger mechanism and 5mm piston ensure you to enjoy a smooth and soft stroke of the trigger every single time.

Comes with an 8mm stainless steel threaded shaft and a line slide set with replaceable double flopper mako head.

It is small enough to effortlessly fit into crevices and under ledges. Like this, you will easily secure your prey.

Available size: 35 cm


Remember to only fire spearguns under water, especially pneumatic spearguns. Firing a pneumatic speargun out of the water damages the water percussion system and will make the speargun inoperable.


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