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Spearmaster 8mm Twin Flopper Shafts

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Spearmaster 8mm Twin Flopper Shafts are made and engineered to a high standard in South Africa. Spearmaster has consulted with the bluewater spearfisherman to come up with a product with great strength and durability for spear fishermen all over the world.

The Spearmaster shafts is made of carbon spring steel which is much stronger than stainless steel, they are ideally designed to be used with a sliptip and breakaway system. This is considered the best way to target large blue water fish species.

Spearmaster 8mm Twin Flopper Shafts Features

  • Two pinned stainless steel floppers
  • x3 ultra strong solid shark fin loading tabs
  • Induction hardened and tempered (IHTW) Cr-Si spring
  • Material – SAE9254, Grade SHI-200
  • Hardness – Tensile strength 2030MPa to 2060MPa.
  • Size tolerance /-0.05mm
  • Armadillo Rust Proof Coating – Tested for 3 months x 24 hrs per day, salt spray at 32 deg Centigrade.






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