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Spearmaster Spears 7.5mm

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Spearmaster Spears 7.5mm


Spearmaster Spears 7.5mm

Spearmaster Spears 7.5mm are a universal fit and should fit MOST guns these spears are “Double Notch”

Spearmaster are the toughest spears on the market, comprised from 2050 Mpa steel.

All spears are manufactured with armadillo coating that has been spray tested in salt water at 32 degrees for 500 hours!!

The 7.5mm spears come with double notch and single flopper.

Spearmaster Spears 7.5mm are universal and with fit both european and US style mechanisms.

Spearmaster spears are made in South Africa to the highest standard by a team of engineers in consultation with local big game spearfishermen. South Africa has become the recognised leader in the production of the strongest and highest quality spears in the world. We are proud to offer these fine spears.

Our carbon spring steel shafts are arguably the strongest in the world and are significantly stronger than stainless steel spears. These spears are designed for guns with closed or open muzzles in various configurations.

Induction hardened and tempered (IHTW) Cr-Si spring
Material – SAE9254, Grade SHI-200
Hardness – Tensile strength 2030MPa to 2060MPa.
Size tolerance /-0.05mm

Armadillo Rust Proof Coating – Tested for 3 months x 24 hrs per day, salt spray at 32 deg Centigrade.




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Spear Length

1.2m, 1.3m, 1.4m, 1.5m, 1.6m, 1.7m, 1.8m


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