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Diversworld 16mm Pre Made Soft Rubber

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Diversworld 16mm Pre Made Soft Rubber

Our Diversworld 16mm Pre Made Soft Rubber is suitable for the full range of speargun sizes!
This rubber is a quality dipped 100% latex, ideal for cost effective replacement rubbers on your favourite speargun.

This is “progressive” rubber ideal for spearo’s looking for easy to load rubbers but still with enough punch to land fish.
If your starting out in the sport or your coming back from injury, this is a cheap and easy option to re rig your speargun.

Rubbers are rigged with 2mm dyneema bridals and sealed in airtight packaging to ensure maximum shelf life.

Available in lengths suitable for 90cm guns up to 130cm.

Check out the rubber size chart below when selecting your rubber to make sure you get the perfect size for your needs.

The Diversworld 16mm Pre Made Soft Rubbers are cut to the standard lengths. I.E. Gun length 100cm = 55cm 16mm rubber.
If you are maximum stretch though. With the fact the rubber very versatile there is no problem running a size below as a “Short” 16mm length.


rubber sizing chart


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