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Diversworld Ladder Flasher



Diversworld Ladder Flasher – the magic fish attractant!

The Diversworld Ladder Flasher is 1.75m long and consists of 6 reflective, stainless steel plates and a luminous squid at the end.

This flasher is South African tested to attract fish – pair it with a Mirror Ball for the ultimate fish attracting device.

Each plate on the ladder has a holographic covering in a reflective scale pattern, either silver, yellow or red of color.
Water movement will cause the plates to flap up and down, reflecting color and light while also creating sound.

Strong stainless steel wire and crimps join the plates, with a squid at the end. The sparkly squid is internally weighted to balance the flasher and hold it in position in currents as well. It also has eyes and tentacles to create extra movement and interest.

The top end of the ladder flasher has a swivel which allows you to easily attach the flasher to your line, float, or another flasher.

This flasher is great for dirty water and will attract fish like crazy!


  • Large 1.75m long ladder flasher
  • Six polished stainless steel flashing plates
  • Weighted sparkling squid with tentacles
  • Stainless steel wire construction
  • Heavy duty swivels
  • Excellent color movement, reflection and sound
  • Great for dirty water


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