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Revivex Wetsuit or Drysuit Shampoo



Revivex Wetsuit or Drysuit Shampoo

The Revivex Wetsuit or Drysuit Shampoo by Gear Aid removes organic odor-causing bacteria reducing “wetsuit funk” and neutralizes chlorine and salt deposits preventing damage to your neoprene.

It is also safe for use on HydroSkin, watershoes, gloves, fishing waders, spandex bodysuits and more.

  • Gentle cleaner – removes salt and bacteria while keeping Neoprene colors bright
  • Protects – keeps Neoprene supple
  • Conditions – extends suit life by preventing premature aging
  • Concentrated – one pouch is good for 10 washes
  • Multipurpose – use on all Neoprene gear including booties and gloves


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