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Neptonics Foam Filled Float Line



Neptonics Foam Filled Float Line

The Neptonics Foam Filled Float Line is durable, strong and reasonably priced. The foam core offers additional buoyancy and the high-visibility orange colour helps your visibility on the surface.

Simply connect one end to your spear gun and the other to your float, or use without a float when in the kelp.

This foam filled floatline can also be used as a marker for a good abalone location or lobster hole, or to to connect several floats together.


Features of the Neptonics Foam Filled Float Line:

  • Strong, durable and reasonably priced
  • Foam core offers additional buoyancy
  • High-visibility orange color helps you to be seen from the surface
  • 5″ stainless steel tuna clip swivel
  • Each float line is 3/8” in diameter

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10m, 20m, 30m


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