Neptonics Breakaway Adaptor



The Neptonics Breakaway Adaptor contains 1400lb, fully braided Spectra core to truly ensure that you have a secure grasp on a fighting fish.

The Neptonics Breakaway Adaptor converts your gun into a breakaway system (shaft is directly attached to your floatline/float as opposed to your gun).
This allows you to keep your gun once you’ve shot a fish!
This is extremely beneficial when shooting fish that are likely to drag you. Not only will you save your gun but potentially your life as you can let your float do the work for you.
An added bonus is if pesky sharks appear you’ll still have your gun in hand as a deterrent.

 Simply connect the breakaway adaptor to your shooting line, put the elastic loop around your line release, and clip on the float line. After that, you are ready for the big fish! Available in Red and Blue colour.

Neptonics Breakaway Adaptor Features:

  • An innovative, smart breakaway adaptor for your floatlines
  • Contains 1400lb, fully braided Spectra core
  • Converts your gun into a breakaway system
  • Retain your gun once your fish has been shot
  • Available in Red, Blue

Additional information

Clip Type

Snap Clip, Pigtail Clip


Black, Blue, Red


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