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Neptonics 1.9mm Hollow Core Spectra


Price is per meter.


Neptonics Hollow Core Spectra

The Neptonics Hollow Core Spectra is the strongest hollow core shooting and reel line available!
Rated to a staggering 453kg! That’s 1000lbs, it makes excellent medium to for rigging your reel’s or spears.

Available in high fluro green colour, it’s easy to see in the water whether ultra clear visibility or dirty green muck.
The beauty of hollow core line is the ability to “Splice” the line back on to it’s self!
This makes for a unbelievable strong, knot free shooting rig.
Plus it looks super cool!

But don’t take our word for it…
Let a spearfishing legend convince you here.

Neptonics Hollow Core Spectra Features:

  • High-visibility dyneema/spectra is perfect for your speargun reel or rigging your shafts
  • Superb abrasion resistance and durable UV coating
  • Neptonics Hollow Core Spectra is the strongest-rated line currently available
  • Its working load is 1,000 lbs and its breaking strength is more than 1,300 lbs
  • Nice and stiff, this line stands up great to coral, rocks, and wrecks
  • Colour is highly visible! The glow-green absolutely lights up at depth


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