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Spearfishing Workshops

The spearfishing workshop- everything you need to know to hunt, shoot and land the fish of your dreams. The spearfishing workshop is run over 2 days, and is an all inclusive spearfishing  experience on the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Day 1 is a virtual tour with the use of course materials, hands on rigging, videos and discussions covering most important issues with underwater hunting.
  • Day 2 is spent aboard ReelCrayZee charters mighty Kevlacat venturing out to the great barrier reef where you will be shooting targets, practicing stalking techniques and of course hunting your own dinner.

“Everything you need to know to hunt, shoot and land the fish of your dreams”


What’s included?

Attending the workshop you will get to experience:

  • extensive theory on equipment and functionality for all scenarios.
  • hunting techniques, including stalking and ambush of your prey.
  • safety whilst spearfishing to ensure a safe return home after a great day in the water.
  • target practice and sighting in of spearguns.
  • breath hold techniques for spearfishing.
  • how to find certain species.
  • use of flashers and bluewater hunting techniques

Also included in the spearfishing workshop is the loan of an Oceanic F10 freediving computer so you can track and trace your progress of  throughout your day hunting on the reef.

We can also re rig and make any adjustment to your spear kit whilst on course.

About Ant Judge

Having spearfished since he started walking Ant judge is truly a seasoned professional in the art of underwater hunting. Over the years Ant has taken 7 Freediving national records and is renowned for his deep spearfishing expertise across Australia.

Traveling around Australia and the many parts of the globe pursuing his interest in this breathtaking sport has given Ant the tools to teach many of the best kept secrets of hunting some of the smartest and tastiest fish on the planet.

For upcoming course dates and more info please contact the shop on 07 4041 4004 and speak to one of the boys or send us your enquiry HERE.