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Baldchin Groper in Foil

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Fish Recipe - Baldchin Groper - @nakedchefbenny - Diversworld Spearfishing Scuba Diving Equipment Commercial Dive Gear Shop Cairns Australia

Secret recipe by @nakedchefbenny // IG


1 Baldchin Groper, leave the scales on *
2 lemons, sliced
Rock Salt



Rinse the belly cavity of the fish, rub away any black lining and pat dry with paper towel.

Check for any remaining scales.

Place fish and lemon slices on aluminium foil boat.

Add some butter and rock salt.

Wrap in foil, place on reverse flow smoker – it will be a bit like wood fire smoke baked, nice and hot.


* grilling with scales still on keeps the fish more moist, and the scales will come off so clean.

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