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Ocean Hunter

Ocean Hunter

Australia is the largest island on earth surrounded by different oceans and seas, with a vastly different marine environment. From our warm coral reefs to the temperate waters of the south, no other country has such diverse marine life.

Ocean Hunter is developed and designed by a team of experienced spearfishermen based all around our beautiful coast to make sure their equipment is suited to wherever your local spearing spot may be.

Ocean Hunter offers spearfishing hardware for the beginner to the seasoned spearo. They have developed an extensive range of high quality hand spears, spearguns, spearfishing wetsuits and accessories  at an affordable price, and they strive to make sure customer satisfaction and after-sales service is the best in the industry.

We do strive to have all products in stock at all times, however if there is anything you can’t find on here, please check out the extended catalogue on our partner site.

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