Spearfishing Floatlines + Bungee – how to choose what to use:

Braided rope float lines – an entry level material. They have great grip and last a long time, are easy to splice, but are slightly more tangly while being less buoyant as well. Good to use for less than 20m length.

Foam filled float lines Рsame qualities as a braided float line, but floats up quickly which means less time on the bottom and getting tangled up.

PVC float lines should always be with dyneema. This line is a bit stiffer, again less prone to tangling, which is important for any line longer than 20m. This type of line can wear through – once there is a hole in it, it will sink.

Bungees  are elastic and take the jerkiness off when you are descending and on the bottom while waves push your float around, but also take the pressure of the fish you shot, like the tip of a fishing rod would bend as well. Choose between muzzle bungees and floatline bungees.

Blue water float lines are designed for larger fish, 30kg upwards. These lines stretch and are good for bluewater hunting such as Yellowfin, Billfish or Bluefin tuna.